Disputes relating the export and import of goods and duties levied on it.

Capital Markets

Disputes may include breach of investor services contract and other disputes which occur when being involved with the regulated markets.

Competition law disputes

Disputes regarding price fixing, cartels and disputes relating monopoly & unfair trade practices..

Corporate disputes

The disputes may include companies disputes and disputes in the other corporations like partnership firms etc..


Matters involving the Insolvency and Bankruptcy act and also the issues relating to insolvency status of an individual.

Breach of Contracts

If the disputes are related to breach of terms and conditions of the contracts..

    Breach of Fiduciary duty

    In the corporate entities, the directors and members have certain duty towards the consumers, stockholders etc. and therefore, the disputes may involve conflicts of interest, failing to comply with company provisions or failing to disclose material information to the appropriate person which breaches the fiduciary duty.

    – Insurance related disputes with the customers of the insurance companies.