Disputes at the time of divorce which may include partition of assets and mutual settlement between husband and wife.

Maintenance or Alimony

Disputes involving the amount of maintenance or alimony to be given to the wife for her welfare and that of their children.

Child custody

Disputes involving the custody rights of the separated or divorced parents for their child..


Assistance may be required to divide the properties as per the will when a person passes away in the family. Such disputes can be referred here..


When the disputes involve the property of the Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) to be distributed upon death of the owner of such property. The disputes may arise at the time of partition of such property.

Marriage Dissolution

 Disputes where husband and wife want to dissolve their marriage or want to consider it as void.

Domestic violence

 Disputes involving domestic violence in the family.


Disputes relating termination of parental rights and adoption..