RESO helps you solve disputes at the comfort of your home

RESO is a one-stop platform that allows two parties to come together for a dispute resolution outside the Court with Arbitration,Mediation.

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Infrastructure / Construction /Property

Internal disputes, Title, Inherited properties, Occupancy Certificate, Rented/leased property, Intellectual property rights, Landlord and tenant relationship


Intellectual property infringement, Defamation, Non-disclosure of information, Money fraud, Failure in delivery


Debt Recovery, Acquisition/Undertakings, Disagreements/disputes over certain procedures/fees or other operations, Disputes related to loans, Disputes related to Bank deposits, current accounts, etc.


For defects in Good purchased, Loss/ Damage due to Unfair/Restrictive trade Practices, Medical services, Banking/Financing/Insurance services, etc.


Delivery/Handling, Marginal benefit, Production-related, Direct procurement, Indirect procurement, Operating resources


Discrimination, Layoff/retrenchment, Worker’s compensation, Occupational safety disputes, Breach of contract, Administrative policies, Collective bargaining, Terms and Conditions of Employment contract


Anti-dumping, Capital Markets, Competition law disputes, Corporate disputes, Insolvency, Breach of Contracts, Breach of Fiduciary duty


Divorce, Maintenance or Alimony, Child custody, Will, Succession, Marriage Dissolution, Domestic violence, Adoption

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RESO helps you solve disputes at the comfort of your home.

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Reso is a one-stop platform that allows two parties to come together for a dispute resolution outside the Court

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Private Proceedings

Private Proceedings

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Speedy Resolutions

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Expert Mediators & Facilitators

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Lawful Actions

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Economical Solutions

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Guided Process

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I was referred to RESO by a friend 3 months ago to help me file for protection order and parenting order. I can just say that i was very amazed with RESO’s approach and the way they explained every detail and the process. Just amazing!

Paras Bhati

I just wanted to say thank you to you for all your fabulous efforts through this very stressful process. We really appreciate all your guidance and support.

Prashant Kumar

RESO is a great platform; it helped me in solving my family disputes through mediation.

Kirti Arora

Team RESO is legend! Always helpful, always insightful the hard work they have put in just to help families going through the hell of Family Court is astounding!

Gaurav Pandey