Arbitration Fee (Model fee based on fourth schedule of The Arbitration and Conciliation Act ,1996 as Amended by (Amendment) , 2019)


SI.No.Sum in disputeModel Fee
1Upto Rs.50,000Rs. 4,500
2Above Rs.50,000 and upto Rs.3,50,000Rs. 11,000
3Above Rs.3,50,000 and upto Rs.5,00,000Rs. 16,000
4Above Rs.5,00,000 and upto Rs.10,00,000Rs. 21,000
5Above Rs.10,00,000 and upto Rs.20,00,000Rs. 35,000
6Above Rs.20,00,000 and upto Rs.50,00,000Rs. 75,000
7Above Rs.50,00,000 and upto Rs.1,00,00,000Rs. 1,25,000
8Above Rs.1,00,00,000 and upto Rs.5,00,00,000Rs. 2,50,000
9Above Rs.5,00,00,000 and upto Rs.50,00,00,000Rs. 11,00,000
10Above Rs.50,00,00,000 and upto Rs.100,00,00,000Rs. 21,00,000


1. The fee for each Arbitrator as operated on this site will remain same for single or multiple Arbitrator situation.

2. The fee mentioned by DRP is only indicative, not applicable up to claim amount of Rs 5 lacs if indicated more than 100% by DRP. The final amount payable shall be agreed between parties and DRP mutually.